• Individual solutions for any requirement 
  • Single sheet, continuous stack or roll pre-print 
  • Expertise from decades of experience 
  • No publication of confidential data to third parties necessary 
  • Optimised for further processing in your company 
  • Integration of many special elements possible



Do you know the reassuring feeling of knowing: „This is the right place for me“? Does your counterpart speak your language, understand your needs and is on the same page as you? Experience this certainty with your printed material. With extensive expertise from decades of working with your sector, we know the conditions for an optimal process flow. We develop perfect solutions for your data security requirements and smooth technical transformation in your business. To make you feel safe – just as your customers feel with you. 

What does „continuous-web printing“ mean?

With continuous or web printing, the printed material is printed one after another on a continuous paper web. After printing, the paper web is rolled up or folded once after each form. The roll or continuous paper forms can be further processed by computer centres. Since the cutting of single forms is not required, the web printing can be accomplished particularly quickly.

What does „integrated“ mean?

Integrated products are integrated directly into the paper with a special printing technology using a special two-to-one system. Thus, they can be personalised together with a cover letter and then easily removed by the addressee.


  • Health Insurance Companies:
    Co-payment exemption
    Organ donor cards
    Emergency cards
  • Banks:
    Customer service cards with IBAN-BIC, account, contact
    Shipment of letters with PIN-code 
  • Insurance Companies
    Customer service cards
    Travel insurance (e.g. in conjunction with Car-Vignette)
    Information in the event of accidents („International Insurance Card“)

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