• All documents that must be read out by a machine 
  • Highest precision and safety, even with sensitive scanners 
  • Can be combined with barcodes (see also cross-channel), labels (integrated or applied, classic or as Eco-Label), numbering and much more
  • High quality OCR paper for flawless readability 
  • Optimal colouring including drop out inks that are not recognised by scanners 
  • Expertise from decades of experience


Precision for perfection.

Computers are the perfect tools for the modern service organisation: They work quickly, are only focused on their job and do not need breaks. However, this efficiency has its downsides because computers do not think and they do not recognise inconsistencies. For machine-readable forms this can have serious consequences: A delivery with a tenfold increase in quantity, a stop in the production line or an incorrect diagnosis. Therefore, the utmost precision is required when working with pre-printed forms for automatic document reading – both in print as well as in the layout of the forms.
Thanks to our decades of experience with these requirements and our high technical standards, we can ensure the precision that computers require so that they will remain an efficient and integral part of your workforce.

What does „OCR (Optical Character Recognition)“ and „OCR paper“ mean?

OCR is the name of a technique for automatic text recognition. A scanner reads documents just like a television picture: Tiny rows of small coloured dots that together form an image. Via OCR, a software program will automatically detect and process the letters in this picture. 

Therefore OCR paper refers to a paper with guaranteed exceptional purity without black inclusions or strokes that could be read incorrectly by the scanner.

What does „OMR (Optical Mark Recognition)“ mean?

OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) is similar to the OCR, the automatic text recognition. However, instead of letters, OMR detects marks on the paper. For example the crosses on ballots or surveys with multiple answer options.


  • Forms for payment transaction
  • Activity recording documents
  • Evaluation forms
  • Vehicle test certificates
  • Laboratory forms
  • Lottery tickets
  • Barcode documents


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