• Imprinted codes, readable by scanners and smartphones
  • Barcode or QR code (1D or 2D)
  • Quick scanning – even from a distance 
  • Direct web connection for user
  • Low production costs
  • Artistic design of codes possible
  • Addressing of target groups 
  • Online landing page inclusive, if desired
  • Increased awareness of the message


At home in any dimension

Product catalogues with automatic order options. Artists who attract an ever-increasing fan base via their own music channels. Messages that make their way around the world prior to appearing in a newspaper. Wherever different forms of media grow together, connect and form synergies, online is the pacesetter. QR-codes function as a door opener between real and virtual worlds. With them, you provide your customers with a quick and effective benefit. Even the more simple bar codes can do more than provide the price at the supermarket checkout. We are happy to inform you about various possibilities so that you can take full advantage of all the cross channel offers.

What does „1D“ and „2D“ mean?

These abbreviations stand for the number of dimensions in which the information is presented in a code that can be read by scanners or smartphones. 1D stands for one-dimensional codes, such as the bar code on product packaging which is registered at the supermarket checkout. With QR-code a further dimension is added: height, thus making it a two dimensional, or 2D code.

Application Possibilities:

  • Contests
  • Background information on ad-specials 
  • Special promotions 
  • Invitations 
  • Vignettes 
  • Voucher and flat rate systems


The barcode is the classic scanner-system. It displays information in the left-right direction based on the width of the bars and is very versatile: delivery notes, sorting systems and supermarket checkout. Applied to printed material for the customers they allow, for example, accelerated entry controls at events, vignette-labels or the easy handling of vouchers or flat rate systems (for example season tickets at the stadium).


QR codes are ideally suited for detection by the customer. The smartphone reads the code and connects automatically with the respective internet website. Here your customer will immediately find further information, images, music, graphics and online-ordering options. The possibilities are endless.
QR codes allow a higher density of codification than one-dimensional codes. They are easier to read and record, even when damaged and at distances.

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