• Adds additional value to print products 
  • Fine appearance, interactive or safety elements 
  • Countless combination possibilities
  • Technical solutions for almost any creative idea
  • Web printing possible – exclusively at Koopmann
  • Decades of experience with highest quality standards 


You Look Great!

Are you not like everyone else? Do your products and services stand out from the crowd? Are flawless quality and strict adherence to deadlines of fundamental importance to your business? Then it should be reflected in your public appearance. With special papers: high quality and glossy. With outstanding authenticity features like individual watermarks. Arouse curiosity and playfulness with water colours, fragranced varnish, and many other elements. Precise execution without compromises on colour fastness, formatting and appointments. Do you have an idea for which there are no special elements? With our decades of experience in development and implementation, we will find the optimal solution for you. Do you have very high quality requirements? Experience certainty with our top level printing!

Application Possibilities:

  • Mailings 
  • Catalogues 
  • Ad-Specials 
  • Security solutions
  • Monthly tickets

Quick and easy: the way to your desired product.
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UV-varnish draws shiny attention to your product and adds a high-quality look. Ideal for front pages of catalogues, large areas and the highlighting of individual elements. Next to finishing, UV-varnish protects your print products during further processing, for example, against fingerprints.


Watermarks give your print products an official distinguished character. At the same time they are good copy protection. Watermarks are also possible for forms of web printing – exclusively at Koopmanndruck. We are happy to create customised watermarks to your liking, even in small editions.
As safety feature, watermarks can of course be combined with other security solutions.


With iridescent-effect varnish Iriodin®, give the impression of mother-of-pearl with changeable colour effects. Next to optical finishing, Iriodin® also serves as a security element (on vouchers and coupons) and can be combined with other security solutions.


Interference paint contains of special pigments that change colour when the document is tilted. It enables fascinating effects and is used as safety element. Interference paint can be combined with other security solutions.


Thermochromic paint changes its colour depending on the temperature. This feature can be used for interactive elements in which a user is presented with another image due to his body heat or when rubbing the paper. Thermochromic paint is also used as a safety element and can be combined with additional security solutions.


Fluorescent colours (also called „lack light“ or „V-colour“) only glow when exposed to ultraviolet light, otherwise they are invisible. They are used primarily as safety elements and can be combined with other security solutions.


Metallic paint contains pigments coated with metallic oxides. Refine your printing projects to be absolute premium products. Triple colour printing and additional protective coatings not only create an impression of gold or silver but a real fascinating and durable metallic look.

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