• All printing tasks online controllable 
  • Production only when needed, even in very small editions („print on demand“) 
  • Customer’s own arrangement of printing templates („web to print“) 
  • Individually programmed for easy use as desired
  • Differentiation of access rights possible 
  • Numerous control mechanisms for error-free handling 
  • Includes entire technical processing, warehousing and shipping


The in-house printing office.

Do you prefer to take care of your actual business? New products and services, fresh offers and more customers? Then why do you spend so much time on your printing material? Calculation of requirements, keeping in touch with the printing office, coordination of various needs of departments, management of shipping addresses, keeping the costs in mind ... With the print management and logistics services of KD Easy® you can focus on your core business because you manage all your printed materials online, on a platform tailored to your wishes and requirements. Just a few mouse clicks. Full control. Complete full service package on request, including commissioning or response management.

Application Possibilities:

  • Business cards
  • Flyer
  • (Exhibition-) Brochures 
  • Mailings 
  • Seasonal and daily deals 
  • Special occasions
  • Advertising material

Quick and easy: the way to your desired product.
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Web to Print

With Web-to-Print you handle your printed material autonomously – via one single online platform, configured according to your requirements and the visual style according to your corporate design. Here you can deposit all your printables: business cards, brochures, letterhead and more… Depending on the access authorisation, the staff can enter the data themselves or keep it up to date, such as names or phone numbers on business cards. To ensure that no incorrect or outdated files go to press, various control mechanisms are possible. For example you can send the print file as an e-mail for checking to a third party. Or the printing only takes place after several employees have given online approval. If desired, you can place the order to print via print on demand.

Print on Demand

With print on demand you place print orders online for new business cards, flyers, exhibition material and everything you need. You can store and individually work on the print files on an online platform via Web to Print. You can satisfy your requirements as quickly as possible, always get the latest versions and have no unnecessary costs for surplus or outdated copies. Short runs like special exhibition flyers with the exhibition name or special offers for an exclusive clientele are put into production with a few simple steps. You get the final printed copies as quickly as possible delivered to your company or to the address of your choice – for example directly to the exhibition stand. Of course, you can also handle individual letter mailings, including delivery direct to selected customers via print on demand. 


With our logistic services, you will be spared the long distances and costs of a private warehouse. In our own high-bay warehouse, your documents, advertising materials and exhibition materials will find the right place with optimal climatic conditions in a lockable access controlled area. Via our online platform, you can independently engineer the shipment – around the clock to any place in the world. Would you rather not take care of the inventory and the demands? Then we will gladly take over the quantity management and the commissioning.

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