• Labels with additional function
  • For the optimisation of organisational processes
  • Increase safety and avoid consequential costs
  • Can also be used as a Promotional Tool


Routine without neglect.

Mistakes cost money - and customers. But even if all processes are optimised, discussed and trained a thousand times, errors may still occur. For daily life and routine are the enemies of concentration. A careless mistake is all it takes and the customer receives the wrong goods.

Smart labels perfect your process flow. Simple and flexible. Addressing label and parcel sticker together on one shipping document guarantees that everything is provided simultaneously with the same name and address. All labels for commissioning and invoice note in the same colour guarantee that everyone can see immediately that there must be a mistake if the next order comes with different colours. There are many solutions like that. Feel free to ask us.

What does “Eco” mean?

The name of the Eco-Label refers to the ecological advantage of the technique. Because the Eco-Label is applied directly to the paper. The usual silicone-paper below is saved.

Application possibilities

  • Logistics and organisation
  • Address labels
  • Parcel stickers
  • Return shipment labels
  • Pricing and merchandise marking labels
  • Commissioning ("pick-list" for dispatch of goods)
  • Advertising stickers
  • Memo stickers
  • Labelling of folders and documents

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Label-In® are directly integrated into the paper. Shape, size and position of the Label-In® can be set individually. Carbonless labels are possible as well. The personalisation is done easily in one pass using an EDP printer.
Forms with Label-In® also offer functionality and flexibility in short-run jobs at a reasonable price.



Eco-Labels are directly integrated into the paper, just as Label-In®. Instead of silicone paper they are applied to a writeable base that remains intact during removal. This saves space for additional information below the label and for usage of additional silicone paper.


Label-On are applied to the paper. Their adhesive force can be varied individually. Thus, the labels can be removed lighter or heavier, adhere to other materials or withstand lowest temperatures.
Label-On can be combined with a variety of Finishing Techniques or Transponders.

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