• Forgery-proof, copy-protected documents
  • Highest security by combining various security features
  • Visible and invisible security features possible
  • Individual security features (e.g. Watermarks) possible
  • Increases the value of documents


Valuable. Vital. Safe.

„This is the original. You and the information are so important to us that we have made numerous security measures against forgeries.“ This is the calming and appreciating feeling that you give to your customers when you use forms with Watermark, Hologram & Co. And this impression is not without reason. Because safety features will make your form a unique document. Exclusively for you. Exclusively for your customers. As such, a lottery-code quickly appears just as important as the annual ticket for the train.

The selection and combination possibilities of security elements are almost unlimited. With our decades of experience and extensive technical equipment, we find the best solution for every requirement and security level.

What does „visible security elements“ mean?

Visible security elements are those characteristics that can be detected and checked from the outside. These include numerous surface and colour effects that can be combined. The security elements can also be applied on special labels.

What does „invisible security elements“ mean?

The invisible security elements are not recognisable at first glance. They become visible only with special techniques, such as Fluorescent Colour under UV light.
In addition, there are invisible security elements that are kept secret in order to identify forgeries without doubt.

Application Possibilities

  • Vouchers
  • Transportation tickets
  • Admission tickets
  • Certificates
  • Transmission of PINs or confidential data
  • Person detection and identification (e.g. ID cards)

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    Many elements make your documents more secure and add extra value. Applications can be put onto the paper after the colour, for example. These include Hot Foil, Hologram Foil or Sealing Labels. You will find suggestions at
    Eye-Catching Applications.

    Watermarks, Fluorescent Colours or Special Pigments are also available as security elements. For specific information and more examples, see Surface and Colour-Effects.

    Further, some security elements enable an additional benefit to your forms. These include Bar-Coding, RFID-Applications, Hydalam® and others.

    Of course, all elements can be combined. An insight into numerous opportunities is available at mix&match.

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