• Special elements encourage attention 
  • Increase value 
  • Can be combined with integrated cards and with each other (e.g. magnets with holograms, stickers with scratch cards) 
  • Ideal for added value (e.g. fobs for hotel room keys, mobile phone holders) 
  • Can also be fitted with safety elements 
  • Integration of response-elements possible


1001 ideas of plain vanilla 

It does not always have to be standard issue! Stand out from the crowd, get all the attention and show what you are made of! Make sure that you will not be forgotten by your customers by giving them something that will provide welcome assistance: a magnet with emergency number, a tire tread gauge for the car, an unusual „do not disturb“ sign for the bedroom door. Awaken a sense of discovery and playfulness for your customers with rub-off compound-elements or cut out sheets because advertising that sparks your interest has a greater effect. What is your latest idea?

Application Possibilities 

  • Mailings 
  • Ad-specials 
  • Inserts and bound-in cards 
  • Promotional campaigns 
  • Contests 
  • Trade fair
  • Additional value for bottles hangers, hotel room signs, etc.

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Label-it are labels in the form of sticky notes that are applied after printing. The impression of a subsequent personal note increases the attention and reinforces the message. Content and appearance of the label-it labels can be designed individually. The sticky notes are laserable, removable free of residues and reusable. They can be applied not only to paper but also to other surfaces such as, for example, glass, wood, or metal.


Hot foil is applied after printing while it is still hot and produces a visual effect in which single elements or letters are highlighted. It can also be used as a security element.

travel tag

The luggage label travel tag integrated in the paper raises awareness and reinforces your advertising message. Use this easily remembered, yet economical and easy to produce response-booster.


Hologram foil creates luminous colour effects depending on the position of the item. The film is sealed separately and can be provided with individual motifs. Ideally suited as security element or an eye-catching application.


The thin plastic foil enables partial lamination of single elements or letters. Generally, it is die cut and thus achieves a figurative impression. The laminated parts are washable and extremely stable – ideal as bookmarks, luggage tags, puzzles or tire tread gauges. Find countless ideas and applications for combining thin plastic cards with a paper document in our Card-in®program.


Label-in® and Label-on are stickers for unlimited possibilities: name tags, product images for wish-lists or menus, good-luck symbols, response elements and much more. They strengthen attention and open up numerous opportunities for interaction.
Label-in® labels are directly integrated into the paper for the printing of cover letters and stickers in one go. As Label-on, they are applied to the paper afterwards. The paper can remain intact and be labelled and designed accordingly (for an extra „aha!“ effect under the label).
Of course, they can be combined with other finishing techniques like fragranced varnish, watercolour, etc.
Various adhesives, from non-permanent up to highly adhesive, are possible as are different cutting dies.


Rub-off compound is a classic for scratching off and „discovery“. It is used for scratch cards, scratch memory, scratch quiz games and many other varieties and awakens the curiosity and playfulness of your customers.
However, with us monotonous gray rub-off compounds are a thing of the past because with offset printing four-colour printing of the scratch-off area is possible. Personalisation is possible because the rub-off compound is individually writable by a laser printer. And in combination with fragranced varnish, your rub-off compound becomes rub-off fragrance.


Remoistenable gumming is a cost-effective alternative to self-addressed envelope and adhesive tape. It is applied on one side of the paper and sticks the moment it is moistened. In this way a form can be filled, folded, sealed and sent back directly. Remoistenable gumming is ideal when confidential data should be protected from the eyes of strangers, such as with insurance applications.


Die-cut elements enable printing material in various forms. They are usually striking, original and eye-catching or provide added value, such as key fobs for hotel rooms, mobile phone holders, etc. Of course the print material can be combined with many finishing techniques (mix&match). Our charge-free contour-check in the planning phase protects you from unpleasant surprises.

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